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Spectrometer Prism (Dense Flint )

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Spectrometer Prism (Dense Flint )

Spectrometer Prism (Dense Flint ) – Physics Optical Equipment

Made from Borosilicate glass, these equilateral prisms are
Optically worked with 2 faces polished and most suitable for use with a spectrometer.
Optically worked for use with Spectrometer, Equilateral, two faces polished 32 x 32 mm height. Optically worked with refractive index of 1.62

  • Equilateral
  •  2 sides polished
  • Dent flint glass


(a) 25x 25mm        (Refractive index)-1.62

(b) 32x 32mm

(c) 38x 38mm


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