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Double Convex Lens

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Double Convex Lens

Double Convex Lens – Physics Optical Equipment

  • Spherical Double Convex Lenses are highly polished and well edged and are used for magnification of the light.
  • The lenses are designed using the finest quality glass material, which is widely used in various Medical Colleges, Research Institutes and Medical Fraternities.
  • The fact that a double convex lens is thicker across its middle is an indicator that it will converge rays of light that travel parallel to its principal axis.
  • A double convex lens is a converging lens.
  • A double convex lens is also symmetrical across both its horizontal and vertical axis.
  • This lens is perfect for doing optical experiments comparing focal lengths and convex vs. concave lenses.
  •    These have positive focal length and two inwards parallel surfaces to redirect the light. Further, these are known for optimum quality and smooth finish.


  • Precise design
  • Suitable for use with optical benches
  • Well polished
  • Optimum quality
  • Smooth finish.

Diameter      Focal length

50 mm              5-100 cm

75 mm              5-100 cm


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