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Four Globe Orrery or Season Apparatus (Electric Bulb)

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Four Globe Orrery or Season Apparatus (Electric Bulb)

Four Globe Orrery or Season Apparatus (Electric Bulb) – Scientific Laboratory Educational Equipment

  • The four globes representing Earth with inclined axis, always pointing in the same direction revolves around the Sun on a revolving cross.
  • It is provided with precisely cut gears assembly for smooth revolution.
  • Moon also revolves around the Earth.
  • On this cross a round Bakelite disc has been fixed with multicolored image which clearly shows 12 months, 4 seasons and their cardinal points and also supports an electric bulb representing the center position of Sun.
  • Complete set up mounted on teak wood top base and is provided with an On/Off switch and mains indicator.


  • Portability
  • Robust built
  • High strength
  • Unbreakable


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