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Gas Generator, Kipps

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Gas Generator, Kipps

Gas Generator, Kipps – Laboratory Glassware Equipments

The apparatus is made of three vertically stacked cylinders, roughly resembling a snowman. The solid material (e.g., iron sulfide) is placed into the middle cylinder, the acid is put into the top cylinder. A tube extends from the top cylinder into the bottom cylinder. The middle cylinder has a tube with a stopcock attached, which is used to draw off the evolved gas. When the stopcock is closed, the pressure of the gas in the middle cylinder rises and expels the acid back into the top cylinder, until it is not in contact with the solid material anymore, and the chemical reaction stops.

  • Manufactured from 3.3 Borosilicate glass for corrosion-free performance.
  • Used to produce common gases.
  • Simple to operate and quickly charged as well as assembled.

Available in Extractor Length mm – 500 mm, 1000 mm


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