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Human Torso Dual Sex 24 Parts

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Human Torso Dual Sex 24 Parts

Human Torso Dual Sex 24 Parts- Scientific Education Model

Human Torso Dual Sex 24 Parts-This life size torso composed of 24 parts, with interchangeable male and female genitalia, mounted on a base. All of the major organ systems are represented with great attention to accuracy and detail. Structures are numbered and identified on the accompanying key card.

Removable structures include the following:
2 parts of Brain, Eye, 2 Lung, 2 parts of Heart, 2 parts of Stomach, Liver, Half Kidney, 4 parts of Intestine system, 4 parts of Male genital insert, 4 parts of Female genital insert.


  • Minimum maintenance
  • Highly durable
  • Designed accurately 
  • These models are mainly used for education & demonstration purposes.


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