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Light Intensity Controller

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Light Intensity Controller

Light Intensity Controller


It is very common requirement in many industrial applications for the study of the control of the liquid level of a tank . This system works in closed loop process to keep the level of the liquid to constant. Since in open loop we have to operate manually, hence this system functions perfectly in closed loop without any manual help. The present unit is low power level control as a laboratory experiment. The various components and subsystems have been carefully integrated and experiments are designed to illustrate the important performance characteristics in a simple way.


  • Performance improvement through P-I control. Evaluation of dynamic behaviour.
  • Seven lamps 6V/300mA.
  • 5 Hz square wave and triangular wave for dynamic response study.
  • Switch selectable P/ PI-Controller.
  • Built-in 3½ DVM.
  • IC regulated power supplies.
  • 220V ±10%, 50Hz mains operated.
  • Users Manual with patch cords.


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  • Study of Light Intensity Control.
  • Characteristics of Light Panel and Light Sensor Block.
  • Study of Single loop feedback control.
  • Evaluation of dynamic behavior.