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Model Of Astronomical Telescope (Fitted On Base)

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Model Of Astronomical Telescope (Fitted On Base)

Model Of Astronomical Telescope (Fitted On Base) – Physics Optical Equipment

An optical telescope which uses lenses is known as a refracting telescope or a Refactor; one which uses a mirror is known as a reflecting telescope or a Reflector. Besides optical telescopes, astronomers also use telescopes that focus radio waves, X-rays, and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. Order for the image to be observed, photographed, studied, and sent to a computer, telescopes work by employing one or more curved optical elements, usually made from glass lenses and/or mirrors, to gather light and other electromagnetic radiation to bring that light or radiation to a focal point.


  • A high class telescope for school.students for all around purpose.
  • It is light and easy to manipulate and has a high magnifying power.
  • These are designed with precision and are widely used. 
  • Overall length of astronomical telescope is 85 cm, fitted with high class achromatic objective of dia. 45 mm, focal length 22″.
  • Its high magnifying power provides extremely sharp images.
  • The telescope is provided with an extra erector tube which can be screwed into the main tube after removing the eyepiece and this astronomical telescope is used as a terrestrial telescopes.
  • Complete with velvet lined case. 


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