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Photo Electric Calorimeter

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Photo Electric Calorimeter

Photo Electric Calorimeter – Laboratory Equipment

  • A Photoelectric calorimeter that uses a photo tube or photocell, a set of color filters, an amplifier, and an indicating meter for quantitative determination of color.
  • If a photoelectric cell instead of the eye is used to compare intensities, the instrument is called a photoelectric calorimeter.


  • The result in the form of optical density transmission is available on the display.
  • Eight imported optical glass filters covering complete visible range of 400 -700nm are mounted on a rotating disc.
  • It’s all imported filters make it highly accurate as per international standards.
  • Highly sensitive photo sensor and use of latest IC technology makes the instrument highly rugged, and economical in maintenance.
  • A minimum sample volume of 1ml id required to carry out the analysis.
  • Provision has been made to switch on the lamp source only when required, thereby increasing the life .


  • Chemical/clinical laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Medicine plants
  • Water treatment plants


  • Photoelectric Calorimeter with 8 filters Analog.
  • Photoelectric Calorimeter with 8 filters Digital.


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