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The ( Haemocytometer or counting chamber) is a specimen slide which is used to determine the concentration of cells in a liquid sample.  It consists of 2 pipettes, one for red blood corpuscles  and the other for white blood corpuscles, and a Counting Chamber with double Neubauer ruling, in a case. The Counting Chamber is made from a single piece of glass with a ruling engraved directly on the glass and with wide protecting and transverse moats. Above and below the ruled area is a matte surface, which provides a mean for easy focusing. A location line facilitates immediate finding of the rulings in the microscope field without disturbing the preparation or damaging the objective by touching the cover glass.

Feature –

  • Complete with German chamber & W.B.C & R.B.C Pipette original.
  • With china chamber & W.B.C & R.B.C Pipette regular quality


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