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Refractometer – Analytical Laboratory Equipment

Refractometer is a very precised optical instrument. Designed for quick and accurate measuring system by using a few drops of liquid. Quite suitable for testing and control   of purity/quality suitable for testing and control of purity/quality of oil, sugar, paraffin,  waxes, animal and plants fats, glycerine, sugar % scale 0-95% brix. The reading on the scale is to the third decimal place and can be estimated easily to the forth decimal place. supplied as above with standard glass test plate, small bottle contact liquid (monobrom napthalena 4ml) thermometer in metal jacket, 

Single Beam Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Range 195 to 100nm with facility for automatic concentration, % Transmission, Absorbance & K Factor measurement. Manual wavelength calibration and selection. Sample holder with 4 position selector control for 10mm path length cuvettes. Interface (RS 232). Set of 2 quartz & 4 glass cuvettes is provided. with software.


  • Data can be restored after a sudden power cut
  • Auto setting wavelength
  • Tungsten lamp & Deuterium lamp can be turned on/off individually to extend lifetime
  • Range: 340 to 960 nm
  • Resolution: 0.1 %T, 0.001 Abs
  • Out put: % T : 0 to 100 % , Abs : 0 to 1.999, Conc.: 0 to 1999
  • Detector: Silicon Photodiode
  • Light Source: 6V, 1 Amp, Tungsten Halogen Lamp
  • Monochromator: 600 Lines/cm grating
  • Path Length: 10mm
  • Spectral Bandwidth: 10mmWavelength Resolution: 1nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy: 1nm Accuracy
  • Repeatability: ±1nm
  • Display: 3½ digit LED dual display
  • Operating Temp.: 5° to 45° C
  • Power: 230V ± 10% AC, 50 Hz
  • Accessories: Test Tubes 10 nos, Dust Cover, Operation Manual
  • We are a reputed entity in the industry, actively engaged in offering an optimum quality range of  Refractometer..
  • Refractometer is used to measure the total plasma protein in a blood samples.
  • In drug diagnostics, a refractometer is used to measure the specific gravity of human urine.


Easy to use

Precisely designed

Less maintenance


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