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Advanced Premature Infant

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Advanced Premature Infant

Advanced Premature Infant- Scientific Educational Model

  •  Premature physiological features of preterm infant: below 2500 grams in weight, less than 47 cm in body of baby length, soft skin with bright red, thin epidermis and visible of blood vessel, within loose and wrinkling facial skin, flabby cervical muscle, hypothermia of limbs, hyperthyroidism oleaginous, soft ear conch, unclear aureola mammae, little dermatoglyphic patterns of sole, retained testicle of male infant, and labium  can not cover labium minus for female; Can observe the physiologic.
  • Phlegmatic Palpation for preterm infant, broad seam of bones of cranium, large fontanel and soft fringe of fontanel;
  • Cleaning and bathing exercise of preterm infant in the incubator;
  • Sputum suction and nasal feeding practice


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