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High Intelligent Infant Simulator

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High Intelligent Infant Simulator

High Intelligent Infant Simulator

Product Description:

  • Scientific Educational  infant simulator is made of imported thermoplastic, within  parts of high and low temperature resistant, non-deformation, comparable and water-proof and realistic shape.
  • Complete three sets of nursing and care procedures which are suitable for most of the babies’ anxiety. Baby would show the anxiety feeling, such as noisiness, and crying from time to time. Learners can take correct nursing accordingly.
  • Baby procedure would take continuously for 48 hours. And in every 48 hours, there will be 25-27 times of care process occurs from time to time, and each time would last 5 to 30 minutes. Within some these times, students should focus on caring for their “children”. As the total caring time within the 48 hours for the students is 7 hours.
  • Available a set of key. Students will use the key to let the noisy and disturbing baby quiet down without interrupting the whole simulating procedure. Students must make correct judgment for baby crying so as to solve the problem with the correct key, what is so-called one key for one lock. If you use the wrong key, the baby would continue crying.
  • Some One “Emergency Key” is used to make baby quiet down when students can not make correct judgment and take correct nursing for baby crying because of without the whole simulating device.
  • The control box would mostly remind High Intelligent teachers and students of their wrong nursing way.



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