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IGBT Chopper (Motor Speed Controller)

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IGBT Chopper (Motor Speed Controller)

IGBT Chopper (Motor Speed Controller)

IGBT chopper driver circuit consists of a PWM waveform generator, and a hybrid driver circuit, with de-saturation detection. The pulse-input circuit is optically isolated from the driver circuit, The output circuit from this driver protects the IGBT module from dangerous transient voltages. The de-saturation trip time can be adjusted by a suitable capacitor in the driver stage.


Pulse input : There is a built in PWM generator.
PWM : Repetition rate is adjustable in the range of 100Hz to 1KHz and TTL
Duty cycle : Duty cycle is adjustable in the range of 10% to 90%
Opto-Isolator : 30kV/uSec.
Electrical Isolation : Viso = 2500Vrms for one minute.
Recommend for use with: Vces of 600V
Facility to connect an external PWM also as input to the driver circuit
Input to the driver : internally generated PWM or external PWM can be given as input to this driver and it is optically isolated.


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