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Maternal & Neonatal Delivery Simulator

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Maternal & Neonatal Delivery Simulator

Maternal & Neonatal Delivery Emergency Simulator: Scientific Educational Model

Maternal manikin features:

  • The mechanical gear device is equipped with two mechanical adapters for connecting stimulative delivery fetus; fetus and adapter, the adapter and adapter, adapter and gear device are all fixed with elastic clamp device.
  • The delivery process and fetus heart sound controller can suspend, initialize, start and continue
  • The delivery process; delivery speed is  according to requirement, have 1 to 4 steps;
  • Fetal heart sound auscultation: can set fetal heart sound frequency and volume, heart rate is adjustable between ?0-180?;
  • Can simulator head birth, delivery, narrow birth canal, cord around neck, fore-lying placenta, etc;
  • Equipped with lifting “Soft pad” for practicing Leopold maneuver;
  • Can measure fetal head descent and cervical dilation
  • Can simulate multiple placenta position
  • Can set venous channel in maternal arm for giving administration and nutrition
  • Vulvae suture practice modules, including left lower, medial and right lower three incision position;
  • Tracheal incubation training
  • Manually simulate carotid artery pulse.

Neonatal manikin features:

  • Phosphoric function
  • Nursing features: eye irrigation and drops, neonatal washing and bandaging;
  • Oral and nasal incubation, infant sputum suction, tracheal incubation and gastric lavage;
  • Infant umbilical cord nursing, scalp vein puncture, arm venous puncture, there is obvious feeling for venous puncture, and blood flash back indicated correct puncture


  • Advance Delivery and Maternal and Neonatal Emergency Simulator System.
  • Neonatal simulator system (for deliver use)
  • Neonatal Emergency within Nursing model
  • Automated delivery and fetal heart sound controller
  • Adult CPR electronic display
  • BP Measurement Trainer
  • Elasticity Cervix
  • Cervix examination modules 5 pcs/set
  • Saturate perinealis model 3 pcs/set
  • 48 hours postpartum uterus
  • Wooden Stethoscope,use for fetus heart
  • Normal placenta (1 set)
  • Neonatal airway cannual
  • Blood pressure Meter (with cuff)




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