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Mechanical Heat Pump

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Mechanical Heat Pump

Mechanical Heat Pump – Engineering Equipment

  • Mechanical components of heat pump  are displayed on powder coated fabricated stand.
  • The primer consists of a hermetically sealed compressor, heat rejection chamber, drier-filter, expansion device, and heat pump absorption chamber.
  • Hot from the heat absorption chamber in the tank are sucked by the compressor, is compressed and sent to the heat rejection chamber.
  • Liquid emerging is from the heat rejection chamber passes through the expansion device; it is throttled to low pressure & temperature & sent to heat absorption device where it boils.
  • A drier filter is in the way to throttling device.
  • Separate pressure gauges are provided to measure heat absorption device and heat rejection device Pressures at various locations.
  • Energy meter is provided to measure energy consumed by compressor.
  • Rotameter in the liquid line is incorporated to measure the refrigerant flow.



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  • To evaluate the COP of the system of heating & cooling cycle.
  • To calculate CARNOT COP.
  • To plot the actual Refrigeration Cycle on P-H chart.
  • To study various components and controls used in heat pump.