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Pocket Refractometer

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Pocket Refractometer

Pocket Refractometer – analytical Laboratory

The Pocket Refractometer is used for measuring a liquid’s refractive index. It works on the critical angle principle by which lenses and prisms project a shadow line onto a small glass reticle inside the instrument, which is then viewed by the user through a magnifying eyepiece. It has a special light refraction system for color elimination to obtain sharp critical boundary line and optimum contrast.

This is light instrument for field and laboratory use, for estimation of sugar contents, Brix and T.S.S.

  •  Hand Refractometer         (0-32%)(28-62%)(58-92%)(0-55%)(45-82%)
  •  Also available – honey moisture meter – 13-25%
  •  alcohol in wine meter –   0-80%  
  • Digital hand refractometer – (0-55%)(58-92%)(0-90%)
  • Used for measuring sugar concentration of cane , Fruits, juices, syrups, cola & Liquids etc.
  • Our company is highly acclaimed in offering a wide range of Pocket Refractometer.




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