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Infant Nursing Simulator

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Infant Nursing Simulator

Infant Nursing Simulator- Scientific Educational Model


  • Realistic fontanels, coronal suture and parietal suture.
  • Place nasal and oral gastric tubes.
  •  Temperature measurement.
  • Umbilicus nursing.
  • Realistic testiculus in the scrotum.
  • Training of bathing, lactation, lavage, etc.

Features :

1. Head, neck and limbs can be moved freely. The chest skin can

be replaced;

2. Cephalic venipuncture;

3. Umbilical venipuncture;

4. Oral and nasal intubation nursing;

5. Care of gastrolavage, enema and urethral catheterization;

6. Ostomy;

7. Deltoids and buttocks intramuscular injection;

8. Holistic nursing; sponge bath, replacing clother, lactation and

diaper changing.


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