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Time Constant Of Thermocouples & Thermometer

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Time Constant Of Thermocouples & Thermometer

Technical Description:

The setup consists of a Heat source controlled with the help of digital temperature controller at any preset value. A thermometer/thermo-couple pocket is provided to insert the thermometer/thermo-couple in it.

The time constant of different thermometer/thermo-couple can be calculated with the set-up. A stopwatch is
also provided for measurement of time. A Heat sink is fitted to cool down the thermometer/ thermo-couple. All components are assembled on a base plate to form table top set-up. 


  To determine time constant of a given thermometer/thermo-couple


  Electricity supply : 220 V AC, Single Phase, 0.5 kW.


  Table for set-up support.


  •    Heat Source : Provided with Ceramic insulation.
  •    Heater : Ni-chrome Wire Heater.
  •    Temp. Controller : Digital Temperature controller, 0 to 200°C
  •    ICE Pot : Compatible capacity.
  •    Thermometer : Glass Thermometer, Range 0-100°C.
  •    Thermo-couple : Fe-Constant an type
  •    Instruction Manual : An ENGLISH instruction manual will be provided along
       with the Apparatus
  •    The whole unit is assembled rigidly on a panel plate.
       Most of the parts are powder coated and rests are painted with auto paints.


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